GBCC's Management

The management has outstanding international mentality and entrepreneurism and has been successful in acquiring a high degree of practical experiences and expertise on a broad spectrum of investment banking and other corporate advisory services. It has professional working experiences in a total of more than 50 countries in Europe, North & South America and Asia Pacific.

The management is skilled in and has a great deal of expertise and experiences in mergers & acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint ventures involving a large number of European, United States, Japanese and Asian companies. The management also has practical experiences and expertise in direct investments in many sectors, such as consumer electronics, computers, telecommunications, food, healthcare, retailing, manufacturing, advertising and marketing communications in many countries, including Japan, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Europe and the United States.

The management is fully confident that GBCC would be ideal counterparts in Japan for international companies (especially those without having a significant presence locally) which may require for local support in business development, marketing, feasibility study and market research. In addition, the management is proud of its own system closely integrated with lawyers, accountants and tax specialists who will act as an integral part of GBCC's working team in executing assignments at any given time.

The management has a wide range of expertise and skills in and developed many innovative schemes in international equity & debt financings, privatizations, venture capital and foreign debt/equity stock exchange listings for international organizations, governments, industrial corporations and financial institutions of a large number of nationalities.

The management has conducted a wide range of strategic corporate communications consulting for CEOs of many leading Japanese corporations (before and after IPO) which have developed into an integral part of today's investment banking business.


GBCC is a M&A innovator
as gateway to Japan & Asia