GBCC's Professional Services

GBCC has its own M&A concept, DARP which means an integral approach to divestiture, acquisition, restructuring and partnership. Therefore, GBCC will not only play an intermediary role but also will offer long-term, organic and strategic solutions to its clients worldwide with its close corporate contacts in Japan.

GBCC provides its own on-line M&A marketing tool, M&A
Premier Site, which ensures that the maximum addressable audience is made aware of both the buy and sell side opportunities. This site is made in Japanese to focus on the local M&A market. It will offer an unique opportynity for cross-border M&A players and corporate buyers/sellers, needing to tap the expanding Japanese M&A market efficiently.

Mergers & acquisitions, joint venture and strategic alliance
M&A Premier Site administered by GBCC for local and cross-border M&A deals
Corporate restructuring, MBO and MBI
Private equity and debt financing

GBCC offers a wide range of corporate advisory services to leading companies in and outside Japan:

Business development, marketing and distribution
Direct investment, licensing and partnership
Feasibility study and market research in Japan
Strategic corporate communication and investor relations

GBCC's Methodology

GBCC focuses on international companies in and outside Japan and provides them with its competitive professional services. Whether it is a M&A transaction or corporate advisory assignment, a GBCC partner can be your ideal counterpart in Japan. Several benefits about using GBCC are summarized below:

Global Spirit, Action & Solutions
As GBCC respects the global spirit and action to provide its clients with value-added global solutions, GBCC has invited a number of reputable and experienced international individuals in a broad range of fields to join its Global Advisory Board to advise on its international activities. See GBCC's Global Advisory Board.

Local Expertise & Global Experience
GBCC's professionals are local experts with global experience in the target markets. GBCC will put its client in the best position to tap the target market through its local working team. GBCC is proud of its practical experiences, expertise and corporate relationships in a broad range of industries in Japan.

Long-Term, Organic & Comprehensive Services
Unlike large investment banks which rely on ready-made teams with highly segmented responsibilities, GBCC's senior partner, well-versed in a wide range of cross-border transactions, will be responsible for putting together a tailor-made team to specifically work for a client on a long-term, organic and comprehensive basis.

Specialist Network
In respect of mergers & acquisitions or corporate advisory services, it is of paramount importance for GBCC not only to be industry experts but to be familiar with legal, accounting and taxation matters. Therefore, GBCC works in a team closely integrated with lawyers, accountants and tax & regulatory specialists which will enhance GBCC's integral and skilled services.

Database & Research
GBCC offers the client its comprehensive database research capabilities with information on more than 1,000,000 companies in Asia Pacific. Being an independent organization, GBCC is in a position to provide the client with its wider access to the research network, thereby attaining more objectivity on research and analysis, as opposed to large financial institutions which rely on their own internal research.

Distinguished from many other Japanese companies, GBCC adopts its own partnership, under which a GBCC partner is highly motivated as specialist to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.


GBCC started its nationwide
 on-line M&A marketing
    tool in Japan