About Us

GBCC has been founded by Yoshiharu Ohi in 1998 who was one of the prominent international investment bankers in Japan with the full support of the following six distinguished experts to enhance cross-border mergers & acquisitions for medium-sized companies worldwide but not excluding big corporations. In Japan, there are very few firms specialized in cross-border mergers & acquisitions.

  Michael B. Smith (Ambassador, United States of America)
  Toshiichi Kobayashi (Certified Public Accountant, Japan)
  Alan Kitchin (International Law Firm Partner, United Kingdom)
  Jinzhang Peng (Business Consultant, China)
  Paul A. Deiters (Buyout Fund Founder, The Netherlands)
  Chung-hsun Yu (University Professor, China & Taiwan)

Through its unique partnership management, GBCC’s philosophy is to serve its clients’ best interests on the basis of its own concept,
DARP, which is to analyze strategic elements comprehensively in divestures(D), acquisitions(A), restructurings(R) and partnerships (P) to maximize client’s corporate value.

Offices: Japan and Hong Kong

Japan Office

 (Chiba) Warblehills, 7-53-3 Asumigaoka, Midori-ku, Chiba 267-0066, Japan
E-mail: webmaster@gbcc-jp.com
 (Karuizawa) 3649 Sengataki-Nishiku, Karuizawa-machi, Nagano 389-0111, Japan
E-mail: webmaster@gbcc-jp.com


   GBCC's DARP is