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Global Business Consulting Corporation (GBCC) is an independent and oldest cross-border M&A specialist firm in Japan, offering a full range of professional services to leading companies in and outside Japan. GBCC distinguishes itself from its competing firms in providing creative and value-adding solutions and is known for its expertise and experience on many sectors such as IT, retailing, healthcare, food, marketing, natural resources, manufacturing, financial services, advertising, marketing, public relations and internet business worldwide.

In respect of cross-border business, there are unfortunately a great many barriers between Japan and the rest of the world. Our recent survey shows that their corporate advisory requirements for Asia Pacific and other developing countries have not yet been served satisfactorily. Importantly, growing medium-sized entrepreneurial corporations, aiming at further and global expansion have tended to lack cross-border expertise and practical experience.

In this context, GBCC foresees significant M&A potential for the future and would be very pleased to work with M&A firms in respective countries. GBCC is fully committed to developing together a strong and useful international M&A partnership worldwide. This Partnership already shows many successful signs. The Partner can make use of GBCC’s nationwide M&A database and will receive its M&A update on Japan’s cross-border requirements.

Please feel free to contact Yoshiharu Ohi, CEO (email: for partnership at any time.

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 GBCC is based in Japan
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